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Welcome to It's About Smile!

Cost shouldn't prevent anyone from having the smile they deserve.

Available Treatments
  • Cleaning

  • Extractions

  • Dentures

  • Partials

  • Crowns

  • Root Canals

In helping with the nation's "Access to Care" dilemma while also serving North Carolina's underserved populations, It's About Smile is an organization that depends on the support of others to make a difference.

Though our primary focus is dentistry for our candidates, we also pride ourselves in being able to extend learning opportunities to students interested in pursuing careers in dentistry.  Working with It's About Smile gives them an opportunity to network with individuals already involved in dentistry, and gain mentors that they may otherwise not meet.

With goals of providing low cost, continuing dental care to over 400 individuals within the year 2020, we hope that you will join in to help us serve our community.  

In North Carolina alone, more than one million children and adults lack access to regular, primary dental care.  Many have never seen a dentist, and as a result, many suffer the complications of advanced dental disease.

Make the Statement.

"I helped someone smile."

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Helping eliminate oral health disparities one community, one patient, and one smile at a time.

Happy Family
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