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What is It's About Smile?


It's About Smile is a non-profit organization that coordinates comprehensive oral heath care at reduced costs to uninsured and under-insured individuals.  Operated solely on contributions from donors and volunteers, It's About Smile is able to provide subsidized dental services to those in need.  It's About Smile allows candidates to improve their smiles by eliminating obstacles in seeking a receiving treatment.  Our ultimate goal is to provide comfortable space for patients to voice their oral health concerns and build a plan to improve their quality of life through dentistry.  


In the United States, there is a recurring problem stemming from access to healthcare and research says that one in five individuals are unable to afford needed dental care.  Not only this, but patients often time forgo dental visits for necessary treatment because they could not afford it or they did not have insurance. 


Poor oral health literacy functions as an astonishing barrier to dental treatment as well due to individuals not knowing or understanding the importance of oral health care or their options for accessing such care. 

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It's About Smile exists solely to help address the barriers affecting patient's ability to receive proper comprehensive dental services.

It's About Smile is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Located in the Triad of North Carolina, the organization is governed by an executive board, managed by an executive assistant and President, and accompanied by a fleet of active board members and dedicated volunteers that ultimately make our organization a smiling success story.




Connecting people by breaking barriers affecting individual access to optimal oral health care.




To Eliminate oral health disparities one community, one patient, and one smile at a time.




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Make the Statement.

"I helped someone smile."

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Clinical and Professional Excellence

We actively seek continuing education for every member of our team and we are constantly looking for ways to improve one another professionally.  Clinical and professional excellence support our mission to provide "access to optimal oral health care."

Optimum Oral Health

Starting with patient education, our team will achieve optimal oral health for all of our candidates through our interdisciplinary approach of treatment case presentation. This approach allows for understanding the importance of dental hygiene, explanation of extensive dental treatment and ultimately acceptance of thoroughly explained treatment.

Evidence Based Dentistry

With It's About Smile, you can expect that only evidence-based dentistry is practiced.  Utilizing top of the line technology, provided by our sponsors, we are able to meet the needs and desires of our patients.

Friendly and Caring Service

By delivering dental care in a gentle manner, we can ensure that all experiences are positive.  Our team is committed to providing friendly and caring services to all candidates at all times.

It's About Smile is dedicated to excellence and our primary focus for our candidates is to make their dental experience a pleasant one.  In this, we pride ourselves with our values, represented by our four pillars.

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