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Pines, Patricia 03_02_2018 Panoramic Ima

In 2018, It's About Smile broke down every barrier for a Triad local.  Our first candidate, and our first success story of many.  She found us and before she even got her dentures she said we changed her life.  

For compliance purposes we will call her "Ms. Tricia."  


We met Ms. Tricia in the spring of 2018, a few months after one of her co-workers told her about the work that we were doing and how we could help her.  She didn't like to smile much and she would cover her mouth when she laughed.  Ms. Tricia was not proud of her smile.


Ms. Tricia fell in love with our organization as soon as she met Dr. Strickland and Brittani.  Between the two of them Ms. Tricia had a new smile in no time!

In the words of Dr. Strickland, "This is what It's About Smile is all about.  I live for moments where I can change someones life through dentistry and give them a smile that they can claim and be proud of for a lifetime!" 

Make the Statement.

"I helped someone smile."

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