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In 1999, Dr. Strickland received her Bachelor's degree in dental hygiene from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, followed by a Master's degree in Dental Hygiene Education. During this time she also served as a Dental Hygiene Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Dental Ecology, and as Clinical Research Associate in the Department of Dental Research and Periodontology. After a few years of consistent service in the dental profession, she elected to expand her knowledge of the profession and further her career. She worked in various areas including but not limited to community service, education, research and private practice. In 2012, Dr. Strickland received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville Tennessee.

A general dentist and former clinical dental hygienist, her main passion, says Dr. Strickland, “lies with comprehensive dentistry that impacts the overall health of my patients. I enjoy all aspects of patient care with a major focus on minimally invasive dentistry, prevention, patient education, and improving dental health awareness and access to care.”

Dr. Fonda Smith Strickland

President and Founder

B.A. (Dental Hygiene)

M.S. (Dental Hygiene Education)
D.D.S (Doctor of Dental Surgery)


Currently, Dr. Strickland is working towards completing requirements required for fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr Strickland invests countless hours completing additional training for the newest technology, services, products and procedures which allows her to offer quality care to her patients. Dr. Strickland prides herself with providing comprehensive care with great emphasis on preventive, minimally invasive dentistry.

Dr. Strickland is actively involved in both the local and state dental communities. Dr. Strickland serves as board member to several local non-profit organizations in the surrounding communities and holds current membership in the following dental organizations: North Carolina Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, and American Association of Women Dentist. Dr. Strickland remains active in the communities where she works and lives and spends several hours per year volunteering for various events, clinics and health fairs.

Dr. Strickland and her husband of 17 years enjoy two wonderful children, Brittani and Brianna. In addition to being a dedicated mother and wife Dr. Strickland is dedicated to the profession as a dental hygienist first and as a dentist. Outside of work she balances work life by enjoying lifelong learning, spending quality time with friends and family, traveling, reading, yoga, swimming, and horseback riding.

Brittani Strickland

Co-Founder & Secretary

B.S. (Business Administration) 


Harold Smith

Vice President


Samantha Carter

Vice President


Lenise Lynch

Community Member

B.S. (Business Administration) 


KaySandra Best

Community Member

JoAndrea Galloway

Community Member

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