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Think for a moment how your life might be different if you were unable to afford proper dental care.  Would you smile as regularly?  What would you do to resolve the pain?  What if you weren't able to attend work regularly due to the discomfort that your teeth were causing you?  Or worse, what if you couldn't even obtain work because of your diminished self-esteem due to your dental condition?  

Together we can make a change in our community.  Without the help of our volunteers, sponsors, and those who donate we are not able to provide services to our local communities in need.

Are you willing to help someone resolve their

pain or lack of confidence?

You can help prevent heart disease by helping subsidize dental cleaning costs for someone in need.

Your donation can help children and adults have the smiles that they deserve!

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Community Partners

Community Partners

Our community partners help us continuously build our organization by volunteering, making frequent pledges, and providing product and materials we need to help those in need.


Becoming a Community Partner

Sponsoring It's About Smile on a community partner level is easy!  You can email our executive board with your interest in sponsoring It's About Smile.  In this email include your business name and how you would like to sponsor our organization.  After we receive this email, we will send you a few documents to fill out.  It's that simple!


Volunteer Opportunities

Sponsor Someone You Know
Volunteer Opportunites

Lending a Helping Hand

Women with a Cause

Our volunteer opportunities vary from clerical tasks, packing and shipping, assisting chair side, community outreach and more.

We are happy to extend volunteer hours to students of all ages and educational backgrounds.  

It's About Smile even has some access to clinical observation hours for students interested in dentistry as a career.

For more details, fill out our volunteer request form and an It's About Smile representative will respond with additional information.

In many cases, our care candidates are referred by a loved one.  If you know someone who you would like to sponsor specifically we would love to help you do so!  

You can play a major role in their It's About Smile process by sponsoring them, even if it's a small donation on their behalf.

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Sponsor someone you know

Make the Statement.

"I helped someone smile."

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